File Hosting Vs. Torrent

There are two significant ways of sharing your music, images, and including large files with your friends and colleagues on the internet – Torrent and File sharing sites. While file hosting sites may not be as well known as BitTorrent, it still does an incredible job.

However, choosing which platform to use may be a bit challenging, and, as such, this article is written to provide a detailed review of both sharing platforms to help make a perfect choice.

File Hosting

A cloud storage service, file hosting services, cyberlocker, or online file storage provider is specially designed for providing internet hosting services to your files. This feature allows users to upload, download, and share their files with anyone provided you have access to the internet.

Further, these hosting providers offer two options – Free and Premium accounts. Unlike the free account, the premium comes with several bells and whistles for a terrific experience.


BitTorrent makes use of metadata stored in torrent files, which is defined in the BitTorrent specification. In simpler words, torrent provides information about the target file. Torrent holds data about the file location only and not the content of the file as many fear.

Torrent has a unique working principle, which divides the file into smaller portion distributed on an unlimited number of hosts. This also makes downloading your file super fast.

File Hosting Versus Torrents

Let’s take a look at how both platform score on several factors

Download speed

Nobody wants a slow download speed, especially when you have a lot of large files to download. This speed is usually influenced by the torrent file and quality of hosting.

Unlike a torrent, the cloud storage server determines the speed you get when downloading your files. Free users often get slow downloading speed as opposed to upgrading to a premium account for fast servers.

However, for torrent, you don’t have to bother about purchasing a premium account to enjoy other extras. Everyone gets the same speed result, but it requires to be good at choosing file Leecher, Peer, and Seeder. For fast download speed, it’s advised to choose more Seeder.

Download Restrictions

Each file hosting provider comes with varying download restriction. For instance, Rapidshare limits the number of downloads per day to one, and also, you can not use multiple IP to download files on the file hosting server.

Further, other cloud storage providers may not limit the number of downloads per day, especially if you are a premium user. On the other hand, the torrent has no policy restricting the number of downloads per day or the IP you choose to use for your downloads. Besides, you can download large files in a very short time frame.

Pause and Resume Feature

For file hosting, people using free account this feature is not available. This means you have to upgrade your account to premium to enjoy a pause and resume function should your download get corrupted or failed.

But with torrent, you can pause and resume your downloads as you wish. On top of that, your files do not have to be corrupted or damaged, as torrent makes sure your downloads are checked before resuming the download.

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