What Is Ex-Load?

If you have never encountered this website before, you’re probably wondering what you can expect from it. For starters, it’s a web hosting provider that allows you to access your files wherever you are.

Who Is It For?

Ex-Load is perfect for those who want to store their files online. All you need is an Internet connection and you’re good to go.

Benefits of Using Ex-Load

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy from using Ex-Load and some of them includes:

  • It’s completely free of charge.
  • It allows you to upload files and be able to share it with anyone by providing the URL.
  • Downloading a large file is possible, and you can easily give the link through an email.
  • The remote storage of your file is easily accessible.

Downloading File

Ex-load offers two variations of download. You can choose between a free and premium account. With a free account, you’ll have to endure a slow download speed, however, with a premium account, there aren’t any restrictions you should be worried about. Aside from that, with a free download, you’ll have to select the link, click download, and wait for the timer. You also have to enter the captcha to get the link download.

Can I Download Multiple Files?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a premium account, you are not allowed to download files simultaneously from a single IP address. Likewise, there are also restrictions in terms of downloading and uploading. One of which is that, when downloading a file, you have a certain bandwidth and had to wait for 24 hours before you can download again.

Reason Behind a Slow Download Speed

For free accounts, you have a download speed of 100 kB/ses. That’s why it’s highly advisable to register for a premium account if you want to enjoy the maximum download speed. It’s also recommended to use a download manager because it would boost up your Internet connection as well.

Is It Possible to Resume Downloads?

You are allowed to resume downloads if you’re using a premium account, but this isn’t applicable for free accounts. During downloads, you’ll be able to pause it at a certain time and resume right when you are ready.

How Long Are the Files Stored?

With a premium account, files are stored for 45 days from your last download.

Type of Files You Can Download

As long as the files don’t violate the Terms of Use, or the governing laws in your country, they you can upload and download files.

Is It Possible to Upload More than One File?

The good news is, you can upload multiple files all at once.

Maximum File Size You Can Upload

Guests have a 100MB file size, and for members, they have unlimited.

What to Expect in a Premium Account?

With a Premium account, you’ll have unlimited download speed, unlimited storage space, unlimited upload file size, no advertisements, resumable download, unlimited parallel downloads, and many more.

How to Get a Premium Account?

You simply have to apply for it and you’ll be all set.