Today, we no longer live the stone age or analog world. In fact, almost everyone possesses one or more these technological devices: mobile phone, computer, and so on. While they perform several amazing functions from making a call to shopping online, storage space is always limited. As such, you need a physical hard drive, flash drive, and others to offer more space. Sadly, this still leaves the storage problems unsolved – limited storage space, having to take your physical hard drive everywhere you go – just to mention a few.

However, I’ve no come with bad news alone; thanks to cloud storage, users can quickly and conveniently share their files and access them from any geographical location – as long such device has access to the internet. Further, they offer more incredible benefits, but with the market flood with several file hosting providers making the right choice becomes challenging. But, one of the service provider gaining the people’s attention is Ex-load.com.

Let’s have a look at what Ex-load offers that makes them sought after!

What is Ex-load.com?

When it comes to cloud storage, Ex-load was among the very first file hosting providers. They offer larger cloud storage, allowing users to upload their files without being scared of losing their data, which is a typical case with a physical hard drive. Ex-load offers free cloud storage services, and also, has a premium account with a wide range of extra features which will come in handy.

With this file hosting provider, anyone with an account with them can upload, download and share. Even better, users can efficiently manage their stored data in their system. The best part: you can access your stored data anywhere you are and at any instant without hassle. Ex-load is similar to an external hard drive but differs as all files are stored online not physically. Thus, making it easy to access by anyone provided you give them your link to accessing your data.

Advantages of Using Ex-load Premium Account

ex-load free premium account

No doubt, there is an odd number of file hosting providers out there, but not all hold to their exciting promises. This is why Ex-load is a worthy contender. With this service, users can upload, store, and download almost all types of data – music, videos, images, documents, e.tc – provided it does not violate Ex-load terms of use. On top of that, this platform features an easy to use, user-friendly web interface offering all its users instant access to their stored files in their account – free or premium – ranging from sites, music, contact – just to mention a few.

Also, having an account with ex-load means, you have the privilege to access your files any time and anywhere. Besides, there’s no need to worry about your stored data getting corrupted or lost due to the sudden crashing of your computer.

Why Use a Premium Account

Ex-load offers two accounts – free and premium. However, a premium account has some interesting features, which we’ll be discussing below:

  1. Download limit:free account users can not download more than a file per day, which may be ideal for those who just want to use cloud storage for a while. On the other hand, premium account users are allowed to download about TB per day.
  2. Download-accelerator support:nobody wants to take all day just to download some couple of files, which may be the case of free account users, as they are not allowed to accelerate their downloads. Premium accounts users enjoy super download speed; thanks to supporting download accelerators.
  3. Download resume:This is one feature free account lacks and it may get your frustrated since you will have to start downloading your files all over if your downloads get interrupted due to one reason or the other. Life would be easier if one could just click “resume” and have your download continue from where it got interrupted like the premium account users.
  4. Download Delay:while premium account users can get on with their downloads instantly, free account users have to wait for a couple of seconds before they can have their files downloading.
  5. No Ads:I know almost everyone hates seeing ads now and then on every corner. For free accounts, you may have to put up with these annoying ads, otherwise, upgrade to any of the premium plan packagings to enjoy your cloud storage without annoying ads.

buy ex-load premium


30 days 90 days 180 days +60 days 365 days + 120 days
€20 €45 €80 €125
1TB bandwidth 65 Gb every 2 days €0.33/day € 0.25/day

Getting an Ex-load Premium Account

To purchase a premium account with ex-load.com all you have to do is click BUY on the page with your preferred premium pricing plan. After, you have to choose a suitable payment method, and pay.
The cloud storage provider comes with lots of payment options to ensure a hassle-free payment – PayPal, Webmoney, SMS, and many more.

Ex-load Refund Policy

The provider offers a full refund of payment for premium access provide you are not able to use their service due to service inaccessibility, or you are not pleased with the quality of service rendered. All you have to do is contact them via their contact form on their website and provide them with the date you purchased the premium access, reason for full refund, and payment method.

Why You Should Use Ex-load.com

  • Unlimited upload file size
  • Unlimited storage space
  • 45 days file storage after your last download
  • Remote upload files
  • Using FTP access to upload your files

Ex-load.com Review – Final Conclusion

All in all, Ex-load as proven itself to be a reliable cloud storage providers not because it was one of the first file hosting providers, but several exciting features it sports. Aside from providing a solution to your limited storage file size or having to carry an external hard drive everywhere, it fully secures your files and ensures they don’t get lost or corrupted. Also, you get to access your data anywhere in the world and sharing them with your friends, family, colleagues, students, etc.

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